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Experienced Bankruptcy & Business Attorneys

Thank You for Visiting RKE Law Group

RKE Law Group is a different type of law firm. Many may claim that, but we actually mean it. We have adopted a client-centered approach that provides relief to people suffering economic distress or intimidating personal or business legal problems. Other firms may overwhelm you with options or demand large upfront payments. We take a different approach.
We Offer Creative, Cutting-Edge Solutions for Your Legal Needs. RKE Law Group is not limited by the outdated methods used by other law firms. Our approach to client communication and billing are innovative.
Our firm is not the boss of you. Our attorneys listen to you and thoroughly review your case for all solutions possible under the law. Once our review is complete, we present you with options rather than bark orders. We recommend the best resolution for your unique issues and will not proceed until you give us the green light. Your wish is our command.
We offer a non-traditional billing structure. Rather than charge for billable hours that can often be inflated, our system has flat rate fees and monthly retainers. There are no surprises on our bills; you know our fees up front. And you experience no apprehension when you receive official-looking mail with our return address.
RKE Law Group offers skills, energy, and passion when you need an advocate dedicated to your cause. If we cannot help you, we do not string you along but will refer you to someone who can.

We Offer Various Practice Areas to Address Your Legal Issues

We prefer preventing legal problems rather than riding to the rescue after disaster strikes. Prevention is not always possible and many clients come to us to have issues resolved. That is OK. We do not judge. We just get to work to deliver the best legal representation possible.
Our attorneys offer expertise in these fields:

  • Bankruptcy (Individual and Business)
  • Business Law

In each area, we work to preserve your future, protect your assets, and reduce your conflicts. We know it can be overwhelming to face devastating situations and that filing bankruptcy or resolving a business dispute can force you into an unpleasant situation. Through our expertise, we want to provide you relief from life’s challenges and help you understand that you are not alone.
With two office locations and a willingness to remain in communication with our clients through our state-of-the-art Client Relationship Manager (CRM), you will find us accessible and accommodating. Call us toll free at 800-610-3696, and experience our unique and effective approach to the practice of law.