About Us

Everyone has their preconceived notions of attorneys and we seek to challenge all of them. We are ambitious, hard working, and may sometimes speak legalese, but we are quite human, we assure you. (Plus, we do offer translation services for the legalese.)
RKE Law Group sees itself as a firm for working people who face difficult situations. Hard times come too easily in this challenging economy and we offer our experience and diverse backgrounds to helping you.
Whether you need guidance through the bankruptcy process or assistance while launching a small business venture, we can be there for you. You may find these situations overwhelming and intimidating, but for us, it is a normal day at the office.
Still need reassurance that we are for real? Allow us to introduce ourselves:


Breaking the mold of the traditional law firm, eliminating that which no longer serves our clients, innovation, transparency, personalized and client centered. Cutting edge legal services with foresight and prevention for our ever evolving and growing clients.


To inspire a new era where there are more legal check-ups and preventive action, thus leading our clients to a thriving life with more certainty and fortitude… To be a catalyst of change in the legal profession so that clients are served “whole-istically,” thus creating more real life value and practical application for everyone… To be a great place to work where people are inspired to be the best they can be in and out of the workplace. To be responsible global citizens who create change and make an impact, so that with subtle shifts the world may be a better place for our children.

Meet the Team

Monica “the R” Reyes. Monica is a partner and head of the Entrepreneur Development Division. That means she helps clients starting businesses protect their growth, cash flow, and intellectual property. Rather than wait until you have a problem (which she can help with too), Monica prefers being proactive and preventing problems. Monica is a force for convenience and stress reduction for small business owners.
Alexandra “the K” Kontos. Alexandra is the founding partner of RKE Law Group. An entrepreneur herself, Alexandra is dedicated to business development, client happiness, and positive team culture. A woman of many legal trades, Alexandra helps clients with small business formation, contracts, and bankruptcy. Alexandra prides herself on real life experience that helps her connect with clients.
Our real-world, personable approach can solve your legal issues without overlooking your humanity. You can get through your current difficulty and see a new beginning.

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